STARFENCE PVC Coated G.I Chain Link

PVC Wire :

Available in a wide range, Star fence PVC wires are manufactured under a closely monitored process, designed by experts and tested on strict standards to offer the consistent quality and corrosion resistance to ensure strength and durability.


By Order Available in midnight black, forest green, canary yellow, tree brown and sailor blue.

Availability of Sizes:

2.6MM, 3MM, 4MM and 5MM With outmost customization in height and length

PVC chain link :

Star fence PVC chain link offers extra protection by shielding the zinc coating from abrasion and prevents the metal from coming in direct contact with the elements. It’s an ideal choice in harsh or humid conditions. This PVC coating is as per BS EN 10245-2:2001

Applications of PVC Wire & PVC Chain link :

Vegetation Creepers | Support Wire for Electrical Cable and Cable TV Network | Heavy Rainfall Areas. | Gardens | Airport Boundaries | Parks | Institutions | Drying Cloths | Uneven Terrain | Steep Slopes | Industrial | Residential & Coastal High Rainfall Territories.

Smart Care

Very Strictly Keep out of Fire

Note : We don’t do Barbed Wire with PVC Wire because in our knowledge quality and life of wire is drastically coming down by making Barbed Wire.